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Oyster Growing Bag

Round hollow float Bag

Float bags are an easy and inexpensive way to start growing some oysters of your own. Simply empty some seed oysters into a float bag and tie it off to your dock. Give the bag a shake and a flip every few weeks and watch your oysters grow! Floats, zip ties and mesh bags are all UV-resistant for durability.

One side is sealed by plastic clips, and the other side is sealed by stainless steel clips, it’s easy to open the bag to watch the oysters, and it is also economical.

1. item
Oblong HDPE Float ( 80 cm length x 8.25 x 8.89 cm diameter) 460 gram/piece

2. item
Material: HDPE,Weight: 850 gram/set
Oyster Bag (Diamond Mesh, 50 cm X 100 cm) 
Mesh size: 14mm
Two attaching lines, with pipe "T" at end. Four looped bungee attachments. 
All six attachments to be secured with stainless steel rings and also reinforced with pipe inside the bag 

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